The Christian Post – Franklin Graham Harms Gospel Witness, Norway Evangelicals Say

„Even the international director of Norway’s largest Christian think tank, who maintained his role on the committee after the initial round of withdrawals, pulled out after attending the National Prayer Breakfast. As he watched Graham speak in person, he said it became clear how much Graham’s unquestioning and uncritical support of Donald Trump „diminishes his credibility as an evangelist.”

Finally, the Graham Festivals rely on local churches to promote the event, invite their non-Christian friends, and follow up with converts after the event. But in Oslo, pastors from the city’s largest Evangelical and Pentecostal churches have said they will not be offering active support to Graham’s campaign — saying Graham’s politics make him a divisive figure for Christian churches who will hinder, rather than empower, witness to non-believers.

It is precisely because these conservative Evangelical leaders care about the Christian witness and the importance of conservative Christian values in society that they are saying they cannot be associated with Franklin Graham. While they all agree that the Christians should pray for political leaders and that God can use the worst leaders for his purpose, they have said Graham’s increasingly unchristian rhetoric and claim that God intervened to ensure Trump won have undermined Graham’s credibility and witness.”

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