WP – Franklin Graham has played his ultimate Trump card

„Trump evangelicals could be making a broad, consistent defense of human dignity, including the unborn, the prisoner, the migrant and the refugee. They could be opposing verbal violence and dehumanization in our political discourse. They could be taking leadership in the difficult, ongoing process of racial reconciliation. They could be affirming and exemplifying the essential role of truth and honesty in the process of self-government. They could be defending the civil liberties of all religious people rather than seeking the protection of their tribe alone.

Yet for a Christian, this is not the most important thing at stake. Graham is at least nominally the head of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association . Does he think that his servile devotion to Trump will clarify the Christian gospel in many minds, or obscure it? Does he think that more people, or fewer, will be open to following Christ after a day of partisan prayer? This is the greatest danger of a politicized faith on right or left: that it artificially narrows the offer of grace. For a minister of the gospel, making Christ secondary to anything is the dereliction of a sacred duty. Making the gospel secondary to the political fortunes of Donald Trump is betrayal compounded with farce.”


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