Patheos – What Toni Morrison Taught Me About Racism in Her Book ‘Beloved’

„An important term I learned in grad school was epistemology – the study of how we know what we think we know.  I learned that experience is a powerful form of knowledge.  Beloved demonstrated that knowledge of the experience of the most violating kind of evil is necessary to create a public theology.  Such a theology can listen to the victims of evil and stand in solidarity with them as they struggle to regain their identity, define their personhood, and defend their right of existence and speech.

Reading Beloved helped to put a human face on why Christians must do the work of public theology.  We need to try to deeply understand those who have been “othered” by white supremacy in order to experience a conviction of our souls. In this way, we can begin to repent of our arrogance and the way we create hierarchies based on perceived difference.  Only in this way can we begin to work on our recovery from our addiction to privilege, humble ourselves, and undertake the work of a theology in the public square.”

What Toni Morrison Taught Me About Racism in Her Book ‘Beloved’

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