RNS – Letter: Nationalism is anathema to Christian faith

„A letter signed by nearly 30 leading theologians in the liberal Catholic journal Commonweal forcefully rejects any link between nationalism and Christianity and asserts that such a connection can “threaten the integrity of Christian faith.”

The letter, published Monday (Aug. 19), is signed by leading Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox theologians and public intellectuals. They include Cornel West, Miroslav Volf, Stanley Hauerwas, the Rev. Greg Boyle, Massimo Faggioli, Anthea Butler and Eddie S. Glaude Jr.

Drawing parallels with the 1930s when many serious Christian thinkers in Germany believed they could manage an alliance with nationalism that led to the emergence of Nazism, the letter rejects any attempt to co-opt American politics with the Christian faith.”

Letter: Nationalism is anathema to Christian faith

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