Patheos – The Scandal of the Selective Resistance of American Evangelicals

„To the average American, the fact that the leading evangelical magazine would call for Trump’s removal may seem shocking. But to those of us who live our lives in the world of American religion, Galli’s article simply echoed the sentiments of what I believe is a majority of young and moderate evangelicals in our nation. While the Trump presidency has certainly radicalized a large swaft of the evangelical base, there has always been a strong resistance to support for this President within the evangelical movement. There have always been leaders who refuse to endorse or support a President whose personal life is the polar opposite of every value that evangelicals claim to stand for. The reason that American’s are unfamiliar with this resistance movement is because it has largely been silent.

When historians look back on this period of history, I don’t think they will write that evangelicals abandoned their values and beliefs en masse to support President Trump. Instead, I think they will report something just as troubling, and perhaps more so. That a majority of evangelicals who oppose President Trump for moral reasons stayed silent publicly or only spoke up when it was expedient, largely to preserve their careers, to not lose their audience, and to maintain an open channel of connection to the most powerful person in the world. Instead of following the example of the Apostles of the Christian faith who stood strong and boldly in the face of empire, they chose to take the path of silent and selective resistance, which probably shouldn’t be called resistance at all.”

The Scandal of the Selective Resistance of American Evangelicals

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