Jim Wallis: The 2020 election is a moment of truth for white Christianity

„Our nation and American Christianity as practiced by those identifying as white are at a crossroads. If white Christians once again refuse to treat racism as a political deal breaker for their support, any chance to regain some of the credibility they’ve lost by their political captivity of recent years will be gone forever. Also lost will be the desire of Black churches to work together with white churches who make it clear that they don’t see racism as a gospel issue. Many Black faith leaders have already told me they will no longer work with those churches. Perhaps the future of churches (especially white churches in this country) will be lost if young people turn away from them for ignoring racial justice. Because of this, Sojourners — in every way we know how — will be raising our voice to help white Christians understand that racism is the central issue of faith in this historic and country-changing election in 50 more days.”

The 2020 election is a moment of truth for white Christianity

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