Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump: Christian Persecution

„Although Christian persecution continues to be one of the biggest human rights issues facing the world, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump have shared very few specifics about how they plan to help suffering believers.

The persecution of Christians for their faith reached unprecedented levels in 2015, according to watchdog groups such as Open Doors, with over 7,000 Christians losing their lives last year specifically because of their religion.

Persecution continues to manifest itself in a variety of different ways across different regions, most notably in the face of the brutalities of North Korea’s totalitarian regime, and the ongoing genocide by Islamic extremists in the Middle East against religious minorities.

The U.S. presidential candidates have mostly focused on other issues during the campaign cycle, and touched upon persecution only in the broader context of foreign policy and the ongoing conflict against the Islamic State terror group.”


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The Christian Post: Evangelicals – Not Voting in the 2016 Presidential Election Is Not an Option

„Neither candidate has the character to lead this nation. This will be the most reluctant vote I will have ever cast. Not voting is not a viable option. As a believer, we have a responsibility to participate in the electoral processes of our nation. That is what good citizens do.”


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The Christian Post – John Piper Says Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Should Quit the Race


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Biserica Baptistă CHICAGO – Aniversare 10 ani



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The Christian Post – What Donald Trump’s Evangelical Advisers Tell Him

Jack Graham: „In my view, the choice for Evangelical Bible-believing Christians could not be clearer. With Donald Trump and Mike Pence, Christians have an opportunity to influence our government and practice our religious freedoms.”


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Religion & Politics – The Christian Worldview of Mike Pence


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The Christian Post – Evangelical Trump Defenders Are Destroying the Church’s Witness


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